June 10, 2012
“The world is…” (A writing exercise.) (DCU)

“The world is…” (A writing exercise.)

Hey Tumblr. I know I’m lucky enough to have some incredibly talented writers following me, so I thought share a writing exercise I’ve been playing around with, just in case anyone else would like to give it a try.

Basically, it’s a very simple but hopefully very revealing character study. You take a open ended concept, (Such as, “I wish I could…” or “If I ruled the world…”) and from the perspective of your chosen character(s), you fill it, having first decided whether you will say what you think the character would say or what you think she or he actually feels. Try to be as brief as possible, no more than one paragraph at the very most, and try not to take more than a minute or two with each question. The idea is to test your instinctual feel for the characters.

I’d recommend taking either one character and about a dozen questions, or a single question and about a dozen characters. I’ve chosen to use some of the Gotham-verse characters, but you should feel free to choose any characters or questions you like. And if anyone does give this a try, please let me know. I’d love to see what you all come up with. :)

The question I used was, “The world is…” and here is how I believe some of the Gotham-characters truly feel about that statement. (Reasoning’s available on request, of course!)

Bruce Wayne. (Batman)

“The world is a scared child, alone in the dark, desperate for justice.”

Damian Wayne. (Robin)

“The world is a fire, a crucible that burns the soft and the weak. I must be hard. I must be strong.”

Dick Grayson. (Nightwing)

“The world is like a circus, with the audience and the performers working together to make the show better. And the show must go on.”

Tim Drake. (Red Robin, Not an *** variation)

“The world is a mystery inside a puzzle inside an enigma. I’m not sure I’ll ever understand it. But I have to try.”

Jason Todd. (Red Hood)

“The world is like a dying man, buried and forgotten, with vultures already circling to pick at the corpse. But it’s not dead yet.”

Cassandra Cain. (Black Bat)

“The world is it’s people. Old, young, good, bad, and in-between, all living their lives and dreaming their dreams, and every one of them is worthy of protection.”

Steph Brown. (Batgirl)

“The world is full of second chances and I want to help everyone make the most of theirs.”

Barbara Gordon. (Oracle.)

“The world is as fast as lightning and getting faster, changing with every press of a key, with every kernel of data sent out across the wires. But I’m faster. ”

Selina Kyle. (Catwoman)

“The world is yours for the taking. So get out there and grab yourself a handful, because no-one is going to give it to you.”

Poison Ivy

“The world is a plant, a beautiful living thing, infected with deadly parasites killing it with their greed and thoughtlessness. It needed a protector. So it made me.”


“The world is full of fearful little people too terrified to realise they are already living out their own worst nightmares. Isn’t it wonderful?”

Harley Quinn

“My world is my puddin’ and his world is me.

The Joker

“The world is a joke, and you’re all the punchline.”


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