May 21, 2012





Best Friend: Harry Potter (HELL YA)

Lover: Hagrid (ok….)

Enemy: Sirius (NOOOOOOO)

Twin Wand With: Ron Weasley (cool)

First Kiss: Fred Weasley (i can deal with that)

Killed By: Luna (I AM PATHETIC!!!)

Best Friend: George Weasley (awesome sauce)

Lover: Harry Potter (Okay, I’m okay with this!)

Enemy: Sirius Black (oh…)

Twin Wand With: Hermione

First Kiss: Harry Potter (AWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHH!)

Killed By: Ron (…well damn…) 

Best friend: Sirius Black(heeeellz yeah!)

Lover: Neville Longbottom(not complaining….)

Enemy: Harry Potter

Twin Wand with: Draco Malfoy

First Kiss: Sirius Black(Scooooore!)

Killed by: Bellatrix Lestrange

Best Friend: Ginny Weasley

Lover: Fred Weasley

Enemy: George Weasley (HA! XD)

Twin Wand With: Luna Lovegood

First Kiss: Ron Weasley (This getting to be a little crazy now…)

Killed By: Dumbledore

This is very…strange and scary at the same time…

Best Friend: Harry Potter. (This seems unlikely. But perhaps I can help to make him a bit less whiny.)

Lover: Ginny Weasley. (Huh. So… The fiery redhead. This could work! Oh, and Sorry H. All is fair in love and war, right?)

Enemy: Hermione Granger. (*gasp* What did I ever do to you?)

Twin Wand With: Draco Malfoy. (Ugh.)

First Kiss: Harry Potter (O.O Haha, that’s ridiculous, I mean, how silly, I- *whispered* Harry! Secrets are supposed to be kept! Who have you been talking too!)

Killed By: Draco Malfoy? (Really? UGH. I must have been asleep. Or more likely, he was dreaming. In which case, when he wakes up, he better apologise. *cracks knuckles*)


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