May 21, 2012
Also why does everyone assume that jersey is Wally’s?




Like, yeah, I know that’d be hot an cute and all, but how do you know that’s not Artemis’ jersey? I noticed there are some trophies on the stand next to the TV… those could be Artemis’ just as easily as they could be Wally’s. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Artemis does some sort of athletic junk. (also maybe she(or Wally) just has a jersey, you don’t have to play sports to have one)

Just thought I’d put that out there.

I assume it’s because it’s a little long in the leg for her? I mean, she never really seems to wear baggy clothes, and that jersey came down to her mid-thigh. (N-not that I was looking of course! *innocent whistling* O.O)

Seriously, if Stanford has an Archery team, and Artemis has kept her hand in, (as I sincerley hope she has,) I have no doubt she could waltz on to it. Unless she’s still hero-ing of course, which I sincerely hope she is.


Well, jerseys are very long as it is. Width wise it seems a little form fitting and too small for Wally to have ever fit in. *shrug* And now bringing up her being on the archery team, and how there are trophies in front of a bow and arrow case in their living room, I’d say Artemis IS on the team and that’s probs her jersey.

Are they? Ah, okay. This might be a cultural thing, because I was thinking of my rugby/cricket jerseys which aren’t that long, but looking up basketball/baseball ones, I can see they are quite a bit longer. :)

And the trophy case is a great point. Plus, Artemis is the one of the two of them who can compete fairly. Good points, well made.


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